Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hurrican update

This is the second day of hurrican Noel in Haiti. The rivers all over the country overflow with water from the rain. The wind is blowing mildly and this is good. The only fear is for an increase of rain. Since the soil is already wet, if we have more rains, there might be some mud slides. Some of the houses are not that stable thus, some lives might be in danger.

The rain is good for the crops and there will be a good harvest for the end of the year. We are doing fine. The weather drops from about 10 degree Celcius, for me the cooler temperature is good.

Conclusion on the Montreal debate

Following the debate, there was an official document called: the Montreal Declaration that stated the Haitian believer’s position in regard to Voodoo. That document was signed by all the pastors in Montreal. The next day, I was invited to sign the Montreal document presenting the believers’ position to Voodoo as a religion. In a time when every government in Haiti is trying to elevate Voodoo to a national religion, that document is very important. One article states the fact that until now, there is no official founder for Voodoo and also, there is no official book for that religion

The Montreal debate gave to the Haitian believers the first opportunity to offer their point of view on history and the role Voodoo played in the Haitian revolution in 1787. For the first time we have seen that Islam was a big part of the slaves live. Some of the revolution key leaders were Imam, Islamic teachers. One of them, Bookman was an Islamic leader that carried with him his Koran, thus his name "Bookman" the man of the book. Some of the myths surrounding the first leader’s congress at Boiscaïman (Wood at the Imam's house) were demystified and the role of Voodoo was questioned. Now, Haitian believers have their own view on History and specially the Haitian revolution in connection to Voodoo. Mr. Févry did a great job in helping us see what really happened at the ceremony where presumably Haiti was dedicated to Voodoo. According to Me. Févry, an Imam would never sacrifice a pig in a Voodoo ceremony. For the Muslim as for the Jews, pigs are unclean. So the historical evidence of Haiti’s dedication to Voodoo has been challenged once again and there is no historian that supports the idea of any consecration of the country to Voodoo.
We praise God for all of you who prayed for the debate and we ask you to pray for a book that Mr. Févry will publish in response to Dr. Fils-Aimé.

Gersan attending the Montreal debate last September.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Debate on Voodoo, last up date

Following the debate, there was an official document called: the Montreal Declaration that stated the Haitian believer’s position in regard to Voodoo. That document was signed by all the pastors in Montreal.

Debate on Voodoo Sixth up date

A large number of people from the Haitian community all across North America came to watch the debate, for it is such an important issue for all of us. We praise God that Me. Fevry was able to articulate clearlyour position as Haitian believers in regard to the Voodoo faith. We know that many Haitians pratice the Voodoo as their religion. We have a lot of respect for those people and in no way, we do not mean to offend them. But it was important for us as Haitian believers to have a clear position and to defend our faith.

Debate on Voodoo Fith up date

Me Févry shook the bases of this assumption while calling in question its historical, philosophical, ethnological and sociological arguments. Févry supports, for example, that the event of Wood Caiman (or Bwa Kay Imam) was not a ceremony voodoo, but rather a “conspiracy of the leaders of the Haitian revolution” to prepare the general revolt of the slaves of 1791. Févry as drew up a comparative table between the voodoo and Christianity to show as the voodoo in its esoteric and fetishistic practices degrades its members by the fear and the lie while the Christian faith releases the hearts and makes the promotion of the national development. step@uebh.org.
It was the first face to face between Voodoo and Christianity on an ideological basis and it provides to both sides information that will continue to candle the debate. However, Haitian Believers can reassure themselves that there is not matter to shake their faith and that there are ethnological and historical information valid for dispute the theses of the Voodoo book, I remember. Me Févry has the merit to have represented with honor and sagacity the Haitian evangelic position.
To read different reaction to the book, you can go to this link and your computer will translate for you from French to English. http://www.lemondeevangelique.com/pagecoindeslecteurs.135.htm